An analysis of the movie the paper chase

Hart takes his failure so hard that he accosts Susan in a grocery store, blaming her and her father for his terrible insomnia and lack of appetite. Nor does he care about money.

Hart and a classmate check into a hotel. But my first exposure to law school life was not so rosy. After being upbraided by Kingsfield, Hart ends up throwing up in the bathroom, to the mirth of his fellow students. Hart really has nothing in common with Susan, but in his strange world of idolatry, marrying her is the next best thing to marrying Kingsfield.

The film is not a tutorial on how to get in to Harvard Law School. He grins lasciviously at her as he tells her she looks like her father.

He tells her what he learns in class and rattles off his agenda.

All of these people have elite brains, but not all are well-suited to this particular environment, worst of all Mr. While obviously there are some differences on account of the year the film is set e. Unable to psychologically cope with this perceived loss, Hart takes it out on Susan, blaming her for his failure and for not "giving him sustenance.

The script fails to decide whether Hart must conquer Kingsfield or serve him. His relationship with Susan continues until one morning he is late for class and unprepared.

Hart begins reading every article or book Kingsfield ever published, trying to use them against Kingsfield in class discussions. The film suggests that getting through such a place requires something beyond a I. Most people would presume, probably correctly, that the obstacle to achieving a Harvard law degree is simply admittance.

The synopsis below may give away important plot points. The most we get, in a feeble bit of scripting, is that he wants to give himself the ultimate classroom challenge, which he has come to learn is Kingsfield. Except the question he is called out for is a definition, not an analysis.

Avoid the slackers, even if it means renting a hotel room. Was there really someone stalking her? Susan tries to convince him that her father does not and cannot care who he is, but Hart cannot relinquish his delusions.

For example, after Susan and Hart plan a weekend getaway on Cape Cod, Kingsfield asks Hart to help with with some research that is sure to take up the entire weekend. Chemistry between Hart and Susan is typical of a college fling. Robinson, who was too ill for the role. She tries to comfort him.

Kingsfield was not wrong. After the test, Kingsfield gets onto an elevator alone with Hart. The types of questions that Professor Kingsfield asked, pursuant to the Socratic Method, are still prevalent in any law school today.

He has a photographic memory and can remember the facts of all the cases, but is unable to undergo the critical thinking and analysis required by Kingsfield.

Bottoms easily finds his place among fellow students. Perhaps, or perhaps Hart was given a very subtle tryout. How often do you hear that in the film?In high school, I watched the movie The Paper Chase, which (to my high school mind) portrayed law school as a cold, depressing place that no.

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Oct 16,  · "The Paper Chase" is about an aggressive, very bright, terribly engaging first-year student at Harvard Law School. The movie respects its hero, respects the school, and most of all respects the venerable Professor Kingsfield, tyrant of contract law.

Kingsfield is really the movie's central character 4/4. JUDICIAL REVIEW: The Paper Chase () May 4, ; Analysis The movie is dated, of course, but it seems to carry with it a timelessness. Boy meets girl, boy meets Law Professior, Boy wants to impress both. Boy makes a success out of himself through hard work.

The Paper Chase is a good movie and a fairly accurate portrayal of. The Paper Chase () Plot. Showing all 7 items Jump to: Summaries (6) Synopsis (1) Summaries. Serious, hard-working student James T.

A term paper chase movie: Creative writing ww1 trenches

Hart faces the rigors of his first year at Harvard Law School. The pressure to succeed is tremendous and some of the students form study groups while also spending a great many hours studying. Oct 16,  · Watch video · A first-year law student at Harvard Law School struggles with balancing his coursework and his relationship with the daughter of /10(K).

An analysis of the movie the paper chase
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