An essay on science in our daily life

From a bicycle comes a car, a train, a boat, a ship and a plane. We take our supper at 8. Every factory is a standing tribute from the care and comforts that science has brought into our life.

New analgesics and anesthetics have overcome pains, anxiolytics bring relief from anxieties, antibiotics, have control led bacterial activities and beta blockers have, controlled hypertension. Cholera, smallpox typhoids, aids and the like epidemic diseases have been largely tamed. Hardly a day passes when we do not receive news and events from different countries and, of course, our own country through the newspaper, the radio and the T.

Science has reduced distance and made travelling a pleasure. Starting from the time when we wake up using an alarm clock to the time when we hit the bed at night, each and everything we do in office and at home involved the use of science.

Books, music and all other forms of entertainment have been brought to our door.

Importance of Science in Our Daily Life

And never forget that medicines and the doctor are also a part of our everyday life. It has explained to us the factors that make a balanced diet. By the device of electromagnetic waves, photographs of Venus and Mars, millions of miles away, were transmitted by spacecrafts to the earth. Science has provided radio, television, cinema, computer our entertainment and amusement.

Importance in Travel You will walk from home to office without transportation and you will do the same when going back home. Whether it is a cold or fever or an ailment, that is more serious, we take medicines, which have been the results of long hours of research in the laboratory by scientists.

Whether you believe it or not, even the blowing of wind involves an essence of science in it.

Here is your short essay on Science in Our Daily Life

Whatever we see inside the house, are the gifts of science. After the tuition, I return home and after a cup of tea and some snacks I go to play with my friends in a near-by field. It has provided us with extra ears in the shape of phones to hear distant calls.

Science has provided us with extra limbs in the shape of automobiles, aero planes, lifts and elevators that we, daily, use.

Science has provided us with computers and machines which have greatly increased our efficiency.Science in Our Daily Life Science in our daily life 1. Introduction-it is the age of science. There are many wonders of science.

Science plays an important part in our daily life. It has made our life easier and more comfortable. essay on IT in our daily life. Scientific knowledge can improve the quality of life at many different levels — from the routine workings of our everyday lives to global issues. Science informs public policy and personal decisions on energy, conservation, agriculture, health, transportation, communication, defense, economics, leisure, and.

Without science and its inventions, the society will surely reach the stone ages and we will no longer be able to live a sophisticated life.

Imagine your life without electricity, fuel, vehicles and plastic, pretty incomplete right?

Write an Essay on Your Daily Life

So here are a few uses of science in our everyday life. Science has provided us immense variety of household goods. Today we have computer, radio, television, freezer, from pin to pen.

Whatever we see inside the house, are the gifts of science. The books we read, the pen we write with, the vehicle we ride, are the gifts of.

The role of Science in our daily life

Thus, science has a direct bearing on most of our activities and has become a part and parcel of our daily life. It is like a divine blessing that has transformed our life to a living of ease, comforts and happiness.

With a photo-phone you can even see a person’s photograph; you are talking to. Essay on the value of science in Everyday life Subrat Mangaraj Advertisements: Science has metamorphosed the very mode of our daily life. Science has stepped up the tempo of life; it has widened the range of our occupations, extended immensely the limits of our curiosity, it has increased the ways of utilising our leisure ; it has given us.

An essay on science in our daily life
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