Anti gay propaganda law analysis and outcomes

More recently, Madonna was arrested under this law for having openly supported the LGBT community during her concert: Coming Out also initiated 5 evalutaion of the law by legal experts, linguists, psychologists and physicians from Saint Petersburg Universities, schools and independent institutes.

As part of its Dispatches series, Channel 4 had also broadcast a documentary during the week of the Opening Ceremony entitled Hunted, which documented the violence and abuse against LGBT people in Russia in the wake of the law. Members of mainstream human rights organizations spoke of inadmissibility of state homophobia.

The law is seen by many as one in a series of moves by President Vladimir Putin to crack down on dissent, smother civil society, and draw closer to the Russian Orthodox Church, which has spoken out against homosexuality and is one of the most influential institutions in the country.

But deconsidering a group of people is deeply discriminatory. A number of athletes came out as lesbian, gay, or bisexual to spread awareness of the situation in Russia, including Australian snowboarder Belle Brockhoff[95] Canadian speed skater Anastasia Bucsis[96] gold medal figure skater Brian Boitano[97] and Finnish swimmer Ari-Pekka Liukkonen.

The game itself is not blocked in the country. Since Putin returned to the presidency in MayRussia has adopted laws tightening controls on nongovernmental organisations funded from abroad and barring those deemed to pose a threat to its constitutional order, defence, or security.

Stoking violence Punishable by jail in the Soviet Union, homosexuality was decriminalised inyet much of the LGBT community remains underground, and prejudice runs deep. Individuals engaging in such propaganda can be fined 4, to 5, rubles USDpublic officials are subject to fines of 40, to 50, rubles 1, USDand registered organizations can be either fined , rubles or 24, USD or sanctioned to stop operations for 90 days.

MP Irina Rodnina stated that relevant authorities needed to "verify the possibility of distributing this game on the territory of the Russian Federation". The International law protects the freedom of speech even if its discourse is highly offensive or unpopular. Imprisonment Unenforced penalty In Januarya letter, co-written by chemist Sir Harry Kroto and actor Sir Ian McKellen and co-signed by 27 Nobel laureates from the fields of science and the arts, was sent to Vladimir Putin urging him to repeal the propaganda law as it "inhibits the freedom of local and foreign LGBT communities.

And yet, how is it possible to avoid the presence of minors among public demonstrations? This law fails those three basic requirements: They are not able to vote according to their conscience as most of them were given their deputy seats not by the electorate will, but by those in power.

Its consequences could be damaging on a much larger scale than what the text merely suggests. Blizzard cited the gay propaganda law as reasoning for the block. Unfortunatelly, apart from the council of Europe, very few international official institutions voiced their opinion or their concern on the law.

Russia's Anti-Gay Law, Spelled Out in Plain English

Journalist Miriam Cosic argues the two are " not unconnected ": As I said when I was named to the US delegation, I hope these Olympics will be a watershed moment for the universal acceptance of all people.

Coming Out established a national and international medias mailing list to distribute photos and press releases. Coming Out also addressed AllOut. First, it does not expose the restrictions or precisions of what is implied by gay propaganda, as seen above, the law does not specifically indicate what conduct is prohibited which prevents individuals to adapt their behaviour accordingly.

Russian gay propaganda law

According to the European court: Everybody knows how the elections for the Legislative Assembly went on December 4th. If you engage in the said propaganda in the media or on the internet, the sliding scale of fines shifts: The reason Police gave when asked about those arrestations was that minors were or could have been present in the places where the LGBT demonstrations were held.

Tanya Cooper, a Russian researcher at Human Rights Watch, said the gay propaganda law was part of a wider crackdown on civil society and anybody who challenged traditional Russian values.

So far, German president Joachim Gauck is the only world leader to explicitly cancel his trip to Sochi in protest at the laws; French president Francois Hollande has also withdrawn but has not said why. Those arrestations have been condemned by local LGBT organisations or even by parts of the Russian Justice who contested these advocacies, saying, as we shall see further, that the new law could not offer a reliable juridical base for those prosecutions since it does not fit the most basic juridical requirements.

It also comes from many misunderstandings according to which homosexuality is a desease or a perversion that could be passed on to children. In response, she re-painted them red as a symbol of love.

Comprehending the law and its consequences. In this way and in many others, the report will help support human rights NGOs in Europe, Central Asia, and beyond to fight against these propaganda laws and to challenge the growing discourse around traditional gender and family roles.

Over 50 articles have been written about Coming Out during the past twelve months, most of them being on the side of the LGBT movement. Central District Court declared the denial unlawful: Following the articles 19, 21 and 22 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, rights of freedom of speech and peaceful assembly are guaranteed.IGLYO launch ‘Expression Abridged: Legal Analysis of Anti-LGBT Propaganda Laws’ Eglė Kuktoraitė, from Lithuanian Gay League reports that, “the application of [such laws] has caused a chilling effect among the online media outlets, as they have started branding news items pertaining to LGBT issues as suitable only for adults.

Anti-Gay Propaganda Law: Analysis and Outcomes Essay Sample

It can. Five cases were brought to court under regional versions of the Anti-Propaganda Law against lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex (LGBTI) activists Analysis The Anti-Propaganda Law violates the rights to freedom of expression, freedom of the anti-propaganda laws.8 6.

Reactions. Russia's LGBT victimised by 'gay propaganda' law. Activists say it has fuelled anti-gay abuse, discrimination and violence, spawned a "chilling effect", and victimised young lesbian, gay.

8 things to understand about gay rights in Russia and the Sochi Winter Olympics

Request PDF on ResearchGate | Sexual Identity, Stigma, and Depression: the Role of the “Anti-gay Propaganda Law” in Mental Health among Men Who Have Sex with Men in Moscow, Russia | Depression. The passing of anti-gay propaganda laws in the region in and in the Russian Federation inwhich effectively criminalizes information related to homosexual and bisexual identity, further modifies the relationship.

Russian 'gay propaganda' law ruled discriminatory by European court A Russian law that bans gay “propaganda” encourages homophobia Russia’s anti-gay laws are thought to have.

Anti gay propaganda law analysis and outcomes
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