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Bombardier went on to build smaller snowmobiles during the s and developed a new market for recreational products for one or two people. Inafter years of research and development he stated producing the B-7, an enclosed Half-track machine with his patented caterpillar track and sprocket assembly in the back and skis in the front.

This led him to develop four different models of large armoured tracked vehicles, 1, of which were manufactured between and Before World War II and on through much of the s the Quebec government did not plough the rural roads around Valcourt and elsewhere in the province. Within a decade, it significantly impacted life in northern and Arctic communities.

The Ski-Doo was small — comparable to a motorcycle — and propelled by a single track that was as wide as the machine and set behind steerable skis.

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His success flowed from his ability not only to respond to changing transportation needs, but to create them — an inventiveness that gave rise to Bombardier Inc.

The first seven production snowmobiles emerge from the new factory in the winter of Mechanized toys As Biography of josep armand bombardier boy, Joseph-Armand shows remarkable curiosity for everything mechanical, disassembling and reassembling a variety of mechanisms.

Sales were slow in the first years since the mass consumer market was very different from his usual industrial and commercial customer base.

Conclusive trials carried out near Valcourt allow the inventor to perfect the first in a series of armoured snowmobiles, named Mark I, armoured snowmobile which after modifications becomes the Mark II, also known as the Penguin.

Years later, Bombardier entered the aeronautic industry when it purchased Canadairmanufacturer of the Challenger. A lack of snow caused sales to plummet, and worse for Bombardier, governments had begun to clear snow from country roads, which rendered the snowmobile obsolete.

The visionary entrepreneur opts to develop his patent in Valcourt, and in so doing becomes an industrialist. Joseph-Armand Bombardier is born. Inafter years of research and development, he started producing the B-7, an enclosed half-track machine with his patented caterpillar track and sprocket assembly in the back and skis in the front.

He had a mechanical genius and a driving ambition to make the winter months as easy to navigate as the other ones.

This in turn made it possible for him to produce a relatively small continuous rubber track for the light one- or two-person snowmobile he had dreamt of as a teenager [5]. Wartime restrictions and challenges brought out the best in Joseph-Armand Bombardier: When he was 17 years old he convinced his father to let him quit college and become a mechanic.

Joseph-Armand Bombardier was the inventor of the snowmobile artwork by Irma Coucill. Dissatisfaction with suppliers of rubber track for the big Muskeg tractor led him to make his own, in a subsidiary operated by his son Germain.

The Garage Bombardier was expanded and transformed into a production plant and will now operate year round, bringing jobs and prosperity to the small town. He acquired experience by reading, taking notes and repairing what he found until he opened his own garage at age 19, where he would repair cars and sell gasoline in the summertime.

This led Joseph-Armand Bombardier to diversify into other off-terrain tracked vehicles, such as a heavy-duty Muskeg tractor meant for mining exploration and the forestry industries.

After the war and later years The decision of the Quebec government to plough country roads in the winter of cost Bombardier much of its local market for the B and its variants.

Joseph-Armand Bombardier

InJoseph-Armand Bombardier was honoured by the government of Canada with his image on a postage stamp. The latter is comprised of two rubber bands connected by steel cross-links.

Joseph-Armand takes advantage of his seasonal business to put his genius to work seeking a solution to snowbound winters. Introduced inthe Muskeg " grassy bog " in Algonquian was an all-terrain model equally suited to traversing swamp, sand or snow.Joseph-Armand Bombardier (French pronunciation: [ʒozɛf aʁmɑ̃ bɔ̃baʁdje]) (April 16, – February 18, ) was a Canadian inventor and businessman, and was the founder of Bombardier.

Contents. InJoseph-Armand Bombardier's company achieves total sales of $ million, 10 times more than in With profits of $L'Auto-Neige Bombardier Limitée is a resounding success.

to Industrial vehicles Open or Close. Joseph-Armand Bombardier (April 16, – February 18, ) was a Canadian inventor famous for inventing the snowmobile.

InJoseph-Armand Bombardier was honnoured by the government of Canada with his image on a postage stamp.

Joseph-Armand Bombardier life and biography

Joseph-Armand Bombardier was born in Valcourt, Québec — a small farming village in the Eastern Townships. The eldest of eight siblings, Bombardier discovered an ease for mechanics at an early age.

The eldest of eight siblings, Bombardier discovered an ease for mechanics at an early age. Joseph-Armand Bombardier is credited as Inventeur et constructeur de la motoneige.

Joseph-Armand Bombardier (Valcourt, 16 avril - 18 février ) est un inventeur québécois. Il a notamment conçu la motoneige.

Il voit le jour. Joseph-Armand Bombardier’s ingenuity and personal achievements were born from a true collective force that, over the years, led to the creation of the Bombardier and BRP companies, which have now become icons of the transportation industry around the world.

Biography of josep armand bombardier
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