Class prophecy of batch 2010 in

Also in the circle is Dianne Orendain, the pretty lady who changed from being soft-spoken girl of the batch to an outspoken go-getter woman. Finally is Aeron Acosta, a Microsoft developer, highly skilled in the field of computers. We arrived at North Olympus around 4PM on that day. Like the God and Goddesses, Kalinga possesses beauty, talent and brain.

But I have a feeling that they knew about me because I was featured in Fortune Magazine, three years ago, as one of the top entrepreneur of the new millennium.

He is a civil engineer graduate. I did my morning routine which is jogging around. So I was tasked to make a class prophecy for our batch during senior HS.

But that short trip was amazing and astonishing, getting to see some old friends and heard good news about the others. On this day, I am now ready to fly for Legazpi. She indeed used her management skills as well as her nursing skills.

Love for the arts has elevated the Filipino to its majestic pedestal.

It has been 15 years since I graduated from high school. Meanwhile Patricia Estimo, now an International singer has just arrived from a singing engagement in Japan, this is her first time to come back to Pasuquin since she started her singing career.

Edward brought his beautiful wife We chatted a little bit and she told me that she married her first boyfriend.

Class Prophecy

Today, he is a highly respected and idolized engineer in our country. He is currently a successful and renowned disc-jockey all over the world and was been to several dance circuits everywhere. Let this lovely night inspire you, the love you feel guide you, the smile in your face move you, and the love of God show you the way.

Curious about the envelope, I hurriedly opened it and there it says, "Homestead Batch 4 Class Reunion". Then when he saw us, he gave us a very warm welcome. Living in its beautiful beaches are now a number of hotels run by the city Government led by City Mayor, Atty.

I wondered how they got hold of my address. It was still located in AB-Room6. Good thing some people still play that game. My wife has just handed me the newspaper, The Boston Herald.

He is one of the hundred tycoons listed in Forbes Magazine — Tofan Singh. It was all so fun. She brought her husband too and they both look elegant together. VAL still looks the same.

Class Prophecy of Batch 2010 in Morms

Everyone is still talking and giggling at each other - reminiscing the good old memories of college life. By profession, she has been touring different parts of the world. I just got home from my speaking engagement from Monaco in the French Riviera, to speak about IT trends of the 21st century.

Oh, our graduation day, the most awaited and hurting day of my life here in HSAM. Time flies so swiftly.CLASS PROPHECY It was the 26th of July, year The awaited gathering of successful professionals has come to time.

They are top caliber performers and well-known personalities in our industry, who have established respected names in their chosen field. To all the seniors’ batch I am encouraging each and every one of us to. Nov 07,  · So I was tasked to make a class prophecy for our batch during senior HS.

We were just 13 students in the class. Very small number of graduating class that year. And the story goes this way: My wife has just handed me the newspaper, The Boston Herald.

What is striking is not. Read Class Prophecy (Jelenne Mangalile) from the story Class Prophecy by gcmallows with 9, reads.“People are like stars, there are millions of them.

But MAP. Read Class Prophecy (edited) from the story Class Prophecy by gcmallows with 1, reads. Mapagkalinga Batch Class Prophecy. Class Prophecy (edited) 1K 0 0. by gcmallows. by gcmallows Follow. Share. Share via Google+ Before he only makes witty jokes and is one of the suspected gays in our class because of the “bromance.

Class Prophecy By: Kier Wen Lita As a CEO of a company is not an easy role in my life. As a CEO of a shoe company, I need to promote and endorse products in order for my products to be recognized in the whole world. I travelled from one country to another country to promote and to endorse my products.

Apr 19,  · Batch 4 Class Prophecy (This was presented during the Batch 4 Graduation Rites of Homestead Schools, Inc., LVN Program ; March 21, ; at The Reef Restaurant, Long Beach, CA) It was late spring of

Class prophecy of batch 2010 in
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