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Cantwell was also banned from YouTube permanently and may be completely ruined due to his involvement in Unite the Right.

I called our legal team and told them what we were going to do.

Night Of The Digital Knives: Silicon Valley Launches Biggest Internet Censorship Purge In History

Rootbocks and Hatreontwo free-speech alternatives to GoFundMe and Patreon, respectively, have been forced to switch domains and webhosts after being banned due to their unwillingness to ban right-wingers. The purge has swelled to the point that Lauren Southern—who is completely unaffiliated with the alt-right and was not present at Charlottesville— was nearly banned from Instagramdespite her account there being completely apolitical.

In the lead up to Unite the Right, Airbnb began cancelling the accounts of right-wingers that it suspected were renting apartments in Charlottesville to attend the rally. AltTech — The Duck Reborn TheDuckReborn August 17, While the purge of right-wingers from mainstream financial and social media platforms appears to be slowing down somewhat, it is clear that the right can no longer rely on these services to promote or finance their operations.

Only propelling our message. For the moment at least, we are on our own. Happening on our one year anniversary.

While sites such as Twitter have been hostile to the right for a long time, the events in Charlottesville— where alt-left agitator Heather Heyer was killed by rally attendee James Alex Fields, Jr. In addition to minimizing or eliminating their dependence on mainstream platforms, right-wingers will also need to eliminate their use of Nazi imagery—even as a joke—and tone down their criticism of Jews.

After they published an article on Sunday mocking Heather Heyer, they were forced off their domain registrar GoDaddy after alt-leftists complained. The Daily Stormer is currently only available on the deep web and may not be able to return to normal operations. Discord has also banned alt-right servers.

Where do we go from here? Much like how Roosh was able to maintain his relevance despite no longer being able to talk about rape, the dissident right can maintain its relevance without turning into Hollywood Nazis. While I believe that nationalism will ultimately triumph over globalism, it is clear that right-wingers will need to take drastic measures in order to safeguard their First Amendment rights.

I woke up this morning in a bad mood and decided to kick them off the Internet. The fact that previously neutral platforms such as domain registrars and DDoS protection systems such as CloudFlare are also booting right-wingers is a chilling development, because it means that alt-tech platforms such as Gab, Rootbocks, and Hatreon are at risk of being no-platformed as well.

Let me be clear: As the fallout from the failed Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend continues, leftist-controlled tech and social media outlets have started mass censoring right-wingers and banning them from their platforms.

This is the largest DDoS attack against Gab in our existence. I got banned from Facebook suddenly. Additionally, the dissident right cannot look to President Trump for protection from the alt-left.

To make matters worse, leftists have begun attacking web hosts, domain registrars, and other infrastructural services that right-wingers rely on to keep their sites online. He blogs at MattForney.

Imagine if we got to do the last 15 years of internet business over, on a slightly smaller scale but brand new? As of this writing, numerous right-wing websites and personalities have been banned from PayPal, Twitter, Paypal, Stripe, Facebook, Instagram, Mailchimp, Soundcloud, Uber, and countless other platforms.

Over the next few days, PayPal and Facebook announced a major crackdown on right-wingers. He is the author of Do the Philippines and many other books, available here.Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and Free Sex, Free Porn, Free Direct Download.

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Night Of The Digital Knives: Silicon Valley Launches Biggest Internet Censorship Purge In History.

Crusader kings 2 matchmaking server denied
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