Deforestation in kerala

The intensity of such heavy rainfall events have been rising across India. Relief assistance, including air-dropping food packets and water, is also underway. India could see a six-fold increase in population exposed to the risk of severe floods by — to 25 million people from 3. The season runs from June to September.

Authorities have taken the unprecedented step of opening the floodgates of 80 water reservoirs so far. Kerala was hit by extreme rainfall in May and then again this month, starting August 8.

Ecologically highest sensitive zones ESZ1where certain types of areas would be "no-go", including water courses, water bodies, special habitats, biodiversity rich areas, and sacred groves; ecologically high sensitive zones ESZ2where construction Deforestation in kerala new railway lines and major roads would not be allowed, except when "highly essential"; and ecologically moderately sensitive zones ESZ3where new energy projects and infrastructure such as roads may be allowed but with "strict environmental regulations".

Aug 25, The Ghats are a source of about 20 rivers and tributaries watering the Indian peninsula, and its forests and grasslands act as a super sponge, soaking up excess rain. Rescue teams, including military personnel, have stepped up efforts to evacuate thousands of people trapped by the waters.

Helicopters have been used to airlift stranded victims from rooftops and to drop food and water packages in the worst-affected areas.

The environmental expert says the government did not pay heed to his recommendations. India floods death toll climbs, tens of thousands await rescue Officials in the state have called the rains the worst monsoon floods in a century.

Deforestation impacts monsoon rains, says IISc study

More thanpeople have been forced to take shelter in relief camps. Health authorities said they were focusing on preventing the spread of disease. The change in land use came at a time of increasingly uncertain weather — uncharacteristic dry spells interspersed with intense rain.

With the weather department expecting rains to continue into the weekend, the state remains on high alert. In the monsoon ofthe "pressure gradient" — which determines pressure changes and, in turn, rainfall — between land and the Arabian sea was "very strong", said Pai, causing heavy rain.

Most of the regions overwhelmed by the recent floods were classified as "ecologically sensitive zones" — where there should be limited or no construction or deforestation — by the Gadgil committee. These events have also been deemed responsible for floods.

Kerala has been hit with 37 percent more rainfall than normal since the beginning of this monsoon, the Meteorological Department said. The government thought that the ecologically sensitive zones were essentially the same, "which was not the case", said Vijayan.

The severe floods swelled rivers and triggered landslides.Increased deforestation in the state, along with the construction of reservoirs and buildings close to rivers, also aggravated the situation, Gadgil added.

1 Kerala, After The Flood: deluge less intense than ; illegal quarrying, deforestation worsened situation 2 Bhima Koregaon raids updates: Gadling's wife moves SC seeking bail for her husband, 4 other activists.

Widespread deforestation, especially in the northern high latitudes, takes a toll on the monsoon across the northern hemisphere, with rains over India particularly badly affected, according to a new s.

Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Deforestation In Kerala. DEFORESTATION IN KERALA: SOCIO ECONOMIC IMPACT OF DEFORESTATION ON THE TRIBAL POPULATION [REJIMON PENAKKATTIL MATHAI] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Human-environment relations are confronted with major problems due to degradation of forests.

Local communities mainly the Tribals. Deforestation is clearing Earth's forests on a massive scale, often resulting in damage to the quality of the land. Forests still cover about.

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Deforestation in kerala
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