Earth quake 8 october 2005 in urdu

After the first two jolts, the building of her college caved in, trapping her and students. The mountain appears to have been shorn off; its inner light-grey core is visible. Worse still is the fact that no one is willing to take responsibility for the delay.

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But the woes of Serra are not the entire story. Since he can remember, he has been studying under the open sky. The rest of the money pledged, which was given to the Government of Pakistan for reconstruction and development, was used by a reconstruction authority called Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authoritywhich was made by then military regime to accommodate retired high military officials and while keeping the command of the reconstruction and rehabilitation authority directly under the military.

Rebuilding schools Schoolchildren were a major casualty of the earthquake, as it levelled, partly or completely, as many as 2, educational institutions in AJK.

These travellers stop at Balakot for midway snacks or lunch on their way to Naran. The projects in sectors other than education numbered 4, of which 3, have been completed and handed over to the concerned departments.

Recent earthquakes in neighboring Iran took a heavy toll on human life. Makeshift camps had been set up near the hospital. There, many people told me that the worst-hit town was Balakot. Shortly after the earthquake, when reconstruction began, it was decided that Balakot would be rebuilt elsewhere, as the original city was located on a fault line.

But for some reason — he cannot remember it ten years later — he came out after eight in the morning and slept on a charpoy in his lawn.

Even then, no rescue teams had arrived, though people from nearby towns were arriving with food, clothes and medicine. As Saturday is a normal school day in the region, most students were at schools when the earthquake struck.

Many people were also trapped in their homes and, because it was the month of Ramadanmost people were taking a nap after their pre-dawn meal and did not have time to escape. Khadijah believes that negative attitudes have multiplied among the survivors.

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But with time, as complacency set in, newer construction has been carried out without adhering to rules. A series of strong aftershocks occurred near Muzaffarabad. Of the rest, are still under-construction and are yet to be initiated.

Approximatelywere injured and over 3. Dr Khawaja Hamid Rashid, consultant psychiatrist at the Abbas Institute of Medical Sciences Muzaffarabad, says that the devastating earthquake left multiple psycho-social effects on the survivors.

Residents, meanwhile, continue to struggle on, not sure of the future or the present. Then I left for Mansehra, went back to Islamabad, reported about the quake and left for Balakot again in the morning.

In Muzaffarabad, the state capital, many schools function in similar conditions. My child is inside.

2005 Kashmir earthquake

These quakes resulted by the gradual shifting of the India tectonic plate beneath the Tibetan plate in the geologically young Himalayan Mountain range and along the Himalayan arc. In the ASTER images below, vegetation is shown in red, water is shown in blue and the city of Muzaffarabad is shown in grey.

All the 26 houses in Kiyani Mohalla were reduced to rubble, leaving almost all the residents either dead or wounded. Ten years on, these towns are still not ready for allotment.

Saghir Kiyani, now 46, was in Mirpur that morning, visiting his father. Another earthquake in killed 40, people in that country.8 اکتوبر ء ، پڑھئیے خصوصی مضامین اردو مضامین، اور رہئیے باخبر ہر اہم موضوع سے۔ مشہور صحافیوں اور لکھاریوں کی تحریریں پڑھئیے۔ کالم، انٹرویوز اور تازہ ترین خبریں صرف اردو پوائنٹ پر.

“Whenever I look at the mountain, I am reminded of that harrowing day,” he says, remembering October 8, when much of northern Pakistan experienced an earthquake that turned towns and villages in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) and neighbouring Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) into graveyards.

Thousands were buried under the rubble.

8 اکتوبر 2005ء

The earthquake occurred on Saturday, October 8, at (UTC). Its epicenter was at degrees North, degrees east, about 90 km north-northeast of Pakistan's capital, Islamabad. The Kashmir earthquake occurred at Pakistan Standard Time on 8 October in Pakistan administered areas of Kashmir.

It was centered near the city of Muzaffarabad, and also affected Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Jul 08,  · Here you go "8 October, " (Urdu: ۸ اکتوبر ۲۰۰۵) (English: October 8th, ) is a beautiful Urdu poem [Nazam] by Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi which describes his grief and sorrows over the destructive earthquake, hit Pakistan on the same date and.

8 اکتوبر کو آزاد کشمیر سمیت ملک کے شمالی علاقےمیں آنے والے قیامت خیز زلزلے کو دس سال مکمل ہو گئے.

Earth quake 8 october 2005 in urdu
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