Easy sewing projects for gifts

These two headbands are simple to sew, and they will help you look great this summer for all of your outdoor adventures. With no lining to sew, the quick pouch is great for storing cosmetics, pencils, sewing supplies and more.

This cute leather fringe purse is a great first project for sewing newbies. These 1-hour sewing projects include quick gifts, quilted items for your home and more fresh sewing ideas to get you inspired when you only have a little bit of time to sew.

These are simple projects that both beginners and novices alike can stitch up, no problem. These keychains are easy enough you can whip up a whole batch in just an hour.

These fab color blocked pillows take less than an hour to make. Make these adorable mittens from an old sweater. Get your room all comfy with this sweater-inspired lampshade.

You can make your own bias binding to add an extra dose of cuteness, or used packaged binding to make the project even quicker!

Recycle your sweater into some cozy new accessories like this beanie. Keep them tidy and knot free with this cute little pouch.

These teeny, tiny NICU smocks are designed to fit babies weighing 3 to 5 pounds. Get the Easy 1-Hour Headbands tutorial. There is nothing more annoying than having to untangle your earbuds from a huge knot.

The best DIY gift is something that everyone will actually use. Quilted Pot Holder Do you love to cook or know someone who does? It also happens to double as a fanny pack so you can rock it all night long on the dance floor. Be green, but also very stylish with these bright, colorful napkins made out of little fabric scraps you have around the house.

Black Faux Leather Clutch: When babies are in the NICU, it can really be a gift to the parents to see their little ones wearing some sort of clothing.

50+ Quick and Easy Sewing Projects

Make some easy applique bean bags with this free sewing pattern. This pouch is great to help keep small items organized inside your purse like gum, mints, lipstick, etc.

An easy intro to quiltingthis pouch is perfect for keeping little things from getting lost in your purse. Here are three options to decorate your outdoor space with big, colorful pillows. Not only is it adorable, it will add a couple inches to the length.

Keep your outdoor seating classy with some colorful cushions. Get the Number Bean Bags tutorial. Changing the pillows on your bed can give your whole room a facelift. Have even more fabric scraps left over?

Anyone else love the look of old books? Best of all, they only take an hour to make! Make those sweaters last one more season by adding a ruffled hem to the bottom.Free Fun Sewing and Craft Projects.

75 Easy Sewing Projects You Should Try

These fun sewing & craft projects include everything from embroidered socks to free software and lap blankets to “Desperate Housewives” style. With these Simple Sewing Projects for Kids you can choose a project a week and by the end of the summer your kids will have lots of handmade gifts to give.

Explore the huge variety of sewing patterns that Sew Daily has to offer! Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift, a treasured heirloom, or a simple pattern to sew, Sew Daily is the place to be. No need to be wary of these sewing projects.

They really are easy, promise! Whether you’re in the mood to make something warm and cozy like gloves or a scarf, or want to try your hand at upcycling some pieces of clothes you no longer wear, we’ve got you covered.

These are simple projects that. With a baby at home, I always appreciate a sewing project I can start and finish during my son’s nap time.

Free Fun Sewing and Craft Projects

These 1-hour sewing projects include quick gifts, quilted items for your home and more fresh sewing ideas to get you inspired when you only have a little bit of time to sew.

Love to sew but short on time? Try on of these quick and easy sewing projects, and you'll have stellar home decor and fashion pieces in no time!

Easy sewing projects for gifts
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