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One of the merits that I have acquired from my past experiences is strength. Life is not all about lying down in a bed of roses.

Life is a Journey, Not a Destination

Strength in mind and spirit is like steel, and the most sublime of its quality can only be heated through suffering. The mixture of happiness and sadness, success and failure, comfort and pain, encouragement and frustration, opportunities and frustrations, love and hatred, relief and sorrow, and struggle and giving up.

The important thing is how you made it and what you feel about it. Life is all about love. Thus it is prominent to savour each and every moment of it by focusing on the positive things. I was never alone on this road, for many other roads that coincided with mine have brought much joie de vivre upon my journey.

We will wait for your next order. The lack of self-esteem had often induced me to fail before I even try. In life there are lots of them, and you should always be ready that life involves a lot of unexpected events and you have to be ready to perceive them in the right way.

However, some of my personal characteristics, like irresponsibility, were inclined to steer me astray. Life is a journey, not a destination.

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You may even make the same choices over and over again because you do not know how to choose otherwise. Nonetheless, each time I fall, I was obliged to obtain strength in order to rise.

I understand that there will be greater obstacles and barriers in the future, but I personally believe that pain is a thing to be prized. Sometimes struggles are exactly what you need in our life.

Everyone has his burden but what counts is how you carry it. Then again, other traits that I possess, like ambition, succoured me in the continuance of my journey.

It simply means that we want to take another opportunity and we will try again to succeed.

Immaturity and refusal to admit my errors caused me to plunge into countless pits in my journey. If you were to go through our life without any obstacles, you would be crippled. However, he made up for it by being the best father one could have.

I underwent a great deal stress both academically and socially due to problems of communication. That was exactly what my teacher assumed. It is a most optimistic perception of things, and it had succoured me through many phases of emotional turmoil.

I have fallen so many times into the seemingly abyss of despair and struggled against the mirror for just a speck of self-esteem, but I have survived. Plus there were a number of students that discriminated against me because I had the lightest skin colour in my school.

One of which who was always there behind me was my dad. I am not abashed to say that he is my best friend. Now here I am in grade 10 with a tolerable grade average and a healthy attitude towards school and life in general.

There are points in our life that we will be wounded by the thorns of life.

The Journey of Life

The other momentous source of benefit is Canada. In order to achieve a lot in life, it is necessary to think positively, be diligent, have many interests, know how to manage your time effectively, etc. Do not be afraid of change.

October 1st, admin Would you like to see more essays?My Journey through Life Nothing is more important than life, even if it contained darkness or lightness. Everyone on earth has a special life ; your life is different from others.

Life has a lot of good and bad things, a lot of fun and unhappy situations we face during our lives. Each person's life is a journey on a contorted road dotted with bumps and craters.

Personal Essay on Life Is a Journey

At certain points, the bumps could seem as high as mountains and the pits as Each person’s life is a journey on a contorted road dotted with bumps and craters. The guardians of a new life, my parents, begin to sketch out an imaginary map of the path they believe I should take in order to have a successful life.

A "successful life" is defined by how victoriously the map holder completes the journey that is set before him or her. My own life ahead of top writing service - new religion essay for the drink, idea that i last journey my early on pinterest. Is a first step in view of faith, and masculine.

Martin luther was about jesus, is your read the power to this journey towards the tail end of the body. May be on. A Worn Path The Journey of Life The story is based on an elderly Negro women’s journey into town for medicine for her grandson. While overcoming challenges her character is born.

Along the way she encounters physical Challenges, obstacles and danger. Life is a journey, not a destination. Everyone takes every step in a very unique way.

This journey may take you down by great storms and bumpy road but it does not matter, what matter the most is how many times you stand-up to continue. Each moment on journey of life you are presented with an Reviews:

Essays on the journey of life
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