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The restoration not only brought Great exhibition back, but also meant that the Palace started to make a small profit once more. These views offered a miniature view of the Crystal Palace Exhibition when one viewed the cards through the peep hole on the front cover. Some conservatives feared that the mass of visitors might become a revolutionary mob, [9] whilst radicals such as Karl Marx saw the exhibition as an emblem of a capitalist fetishism of commodities.

It was modified and enlarged so much that it extended beyond the boundary of Penge Place, which was also the boundary between Surrey and Kent.

Two designs, both in iron and glass, were singled out for praise—one by Richard Turnerco-designer of the Palm House at Kew, and the other by French architect Hector Horeau [7] but despite the great number of submissions, the Committee rejected them all.

This is often confused with a metre pneumatic passenger railway which was Great exhibition at the Crystal Palace inwhich was known as the Crystal Palace pneumatic railway.

Once completed, the channels acted both as the joists that supported the roof sections, and as guttering—a patented design now widely known as a "Paxton gutter".

Victoria and Albert Museum

Due to the pressure differential, the hot air escaping from the louvres generated a constant airflow that drew cooler air up through the gaps in the floor. Connector brackets were attached to the top of each column before erection, and these were then hoisted into position.

Admission fees[ edit ] Admission prices to the Crystal Palace varied according to the date of visit, with ticket prices decreasing as the parliamentary season drew to an end and London traditionally emptied of wealthy individuals.

The Great Exhibition

Visitors purchased these souvenirs so that they could relive the experience of going to the exhibition. This observation later led to the formation of Girl Guides, then Girl Scouts. The instrument maker, J S Marratt exhibited a five-feet achromatic telescope and a transit theodolite used in surveying, tunnelling, and for astronomical purposes.

They were the only glassworks capable of fulfilling such a large order and had to bring in labour from France to meet it in time.

The fire spread quickly in the high winds that night, [54] because it could consume the dry old timber flooring, [55] and the huge quantity of flammable materials in the building. Because of its comparatively low weight, the Crystal Palace required absolutely no heavy masonry for supporting walls or foundations, and the relatively light concrete footings on which it stood could be left in the ground once the building was removed they remain in place today just beneath the surface of the site.

The leaks were sealed with putty, but the relatively poor quality of the sealant materials available at the time meant that the problem was never totally overcome.

Great Exhibition of the North: an event to transform and delight

The design of the building was offered to open competition, and the eventual winning design by Joseph Paxton was opened on schedule on 1 May On the new site were also various buildings that housed educational establishments such as the Crystal Palace School of Art, Science, and Literature as well as engineering schools.

The animals constructed by B. By 15 March they were ready to invite submissions, which had to conform to several key specifications: Because normal cast glass is brittle and has low tensile strength, there was a risk that the weight of any excess water build-up on the roof might have caused panes to shatter, showering shards of glass onto the patrons, ruining the valuable exhibits beneath, and weakening the structure.

These served multiple functions: At Chatsworth, Paxton had experimented extensively with glasshouse construction, developing many novel techniques for modular construction, using combinations of standard-sized sheets of glass, laminated woodand prefabricated cast iron.

The Crystal Palace

When a reasonable number of bays had been completed, the columns for the upper floor were erected longer shear-legs were used for this, but the operation was essentially the same as for the ground floor.The Great Exhibition was the first international exhibition of manufactured products and was enormously influential on the development of many aspects of society including art and design education, international trade and relations, and even tourism.

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#getnorth The North, EnglandAccount Status: Verified. Great Exhibition of the North: an event to transform and delight Newcastle and Gateshead will host the biggest event in England next year with an exhibition designed to challenge preconceptions of. Great Exhibition of the North is a free, summer-long celebration of the North of England’s pioneering spirit.

The country’s biggest event init will pack a programme of amazing exhibits, live performances, displays of innovation, new artworks and unforgettable experiences into 80 days.

Great exhibition
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