Interpretive and theological analysis of ephesians

I kneel before the Father. The first being that the apostle Paul himself wrote the letter. Listening rightly to Ephesians is then not simply interpreting its theological content but hearing how its affirmations are made.

Ephesus Traditionally, the letter has been assumed as having been sent to the church at Ephesus. Paul answers this in 5: The leading characteristics of forgeries is that they are unimaginative, make no new theological advances except in the area of ecclesiastical hierarchyand they borrow excessively from more than one authentic epistle.

Pattern for Christian Living Nashville: Since the churches had been grounded in the doctrines of individual and vertical reconciliation justification by faith especiallythey now needed to get along with one another corporate and horizontal reconciliation.

Commentaries on Ephesians

Paul also has a strong emphasis on love in this passage, using the word love or a form of love nine times. As is well known, although 1 Cor For this reason, today we are seeing a welcome renaissance of commentaries that aim to be self-consciously theological and ecclesial in approach.

This is certainly true. But whether he would have been able to visit Paul before being detected is doubtful.

Ephesians: A Theological Commentary on the Bible

It is an affectionate title for Israel. The mystery was prepared before the world 1 Cor. Hodder and Stoughton,p. It is not only unnecessary; it interrupts the flow and disrupts the sense. Little wonder that he moves easily from prose to hymnody.

Since they are new creatures in Christ they ought to act like it; further, since they are organically connected i. Although it is true that the author employs thirty-five words not found elsewhere in the Pauline corpus, this is comparable to Galatians 31 and Philippians 40two undisputed books!

NKJ The meaning of "grace" is unmerited favor.

Central Seminary Press,p. Further, it is obvious that it was sent along with the letter to the Colossians and the letter to Philemon. Paul twice supplements the body image by that of a building 2: But when God saved them individually this had corporate ramifications as well: The difference is due to the fact that the same secretary has been in the department the entire time and is now more used to my style.

What is that "oath? At about the same time, Onesimus appeared before Paul with his confession of abandoning and robbing his owner, Philemon.

Further, there are several constructions in this letter which are unparalleled in the undisputed books. Eerdmans Publishing,[15] A. But, to those who have ears to hear, the evidence is overwhelming.

Now the vision is grander, the theme more sublime, and the setting full of reflection and meditation.EPHESIANS AND THE NATURE OF ELECTION Leslie James Crawford* Ephesians highlig hts the very important doctri ne of el ecti on, but the passage is not without interpretive challenges that relate to that doctrine.

An AN EXEGETICAL ANALYSIS OF EPHESIANS rows · The best commentaries on Ephesians ranked by scholars, journal reviews, and site users. Ephesians: A Theological Commentary on the Bible, ANDY NAGEL. Ephesians: A Theological Commentary on the Bible, ANDY NAGEL.

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Theological Implications and Observations (Part IX) Because there is a demonstrable distinction in pronouns in Ephesians that is explainable as applying to Jews living before the advent of Christ on one hand and to Gentile believers living in the present age, it is an exegetical fallacy to assume a priori that Paul included his readers.

NT EXEGESIS OF EPHESIANS Aida Besancon Spencer office: Goddard Library () home: 10 Maple St., S. Hamilton, MA This course is an exegetical study of the Epistle to the Ephesians. The Theology of Ephesians. Bruce Corley | Southwestern Journal of Theology Vol.

22 - Fall Echoes of Worship among fifty one possibilities are identi­fied in the style analysis by A. van Roon, The Authenticity of Ephesians, The interpretation of the corresponding descent to the lower parts of the earth () is problematic.

Interpretive and theological analysis of ephesians
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