Mobile vas in india august 2008

This will encourage VAS players to create a wide variety of services, since it provides a revenue stream where subscribers pay rather than a complete reliance only on advertising.

Operators will benefit from large-scale adoption of data plans. The Indian postal and telecom sectors are one of the worlds oldest. Cost While the value added services are something extra offered to the customer either at a nominal extra charge or at no additional charge.

More Spectrum for Operators: In addition to landline and mobile phones, some of the companies also provide the WLL service.

The policy introduced the concept of telecommunication for all and its vision was to expand the telecommunication facilities to all the villages in India. All services apart from standard voice calls and fax transmissions are considered a VAS. In the initial 5—6 years the average monthly subscribers additions were around 0.

Mobile operators need to encourage off-deck VAS players and provide them support for billing. Value added services VAS refer to the non-core services offered in the telecom sector. In India, the right price point, according to me, is Rs per month.

The company launched its multi-model voice portal platform and applications in July Consequently, private investment in the sector of Value Added Services VAS was allowed and cellular telecom sector were opened up for competition from private investments.

The data reveals the real potential for growth of the Indian mobile market. In that situation, the mobile operator is acting more as a mall than a telecom operator. The permission was refused on the grounds that the establishment of telephones was a Government monopoly and that the Government itself would undertake the work.

OnMobile also launched its services for telecom service providers in public sector and also to the first international telecom service customer in However, after a number of proactive initiatives taken by regulators and licensors, the total number of mobile subscribers has increased rapidly to over million subscribers as of May After a year, inthe OnMobile secured 3 more customers in the telecom sector for speech driven products.

The big cities, especially metros, have a severe shortage of spectrum.

Telecommunications in India

The multi-nationals were just involved in technology transfer, and not policy making. Inthe first experimental electric telegraph line was started between Calcutta and Diamond Harbour. On 14 MayDepartment of Telecom approved the merger of Telenor India with Bharti Airtel paving the way for final commercial closing of the merger between the two companies.

Post independence, growth remained slow because the telephone was seen more as a status symbol rather than being an instrument of utility. OnMobile has 92 telecom and media customers.

Init was opened for the use of the British East India Company. It was during this period that the Narsimha Rao -led government introduced the National Telecommunications policy NTP in which brought changes in the following areas: During fiscalthe company acquired the third generation 3G video technology and mobile solutions.

While all the major cities and towns in the country were linked with telephones during the British period, the total number of telephones in numbered only around 80, Nearly 32 million handsets were sold in India.

The US leads the way here. Inthe Government later reversed its earlier decision and a licence was granted to the Oriental Telephone Company Limited of England for opening telephone exchanges at CalcuttaBombayMadras and Ahmedabad and the first formal telephone service was established in the country.

Under the terms of the deal, the Vodafone Group holds a TTSL will continue to operate its enterprise, fixed line and broadband businesses and its stake in tower company Viom Networks. During the fiscal year ended March 31,the company launched RBT services in Vodafone Egypt, which had 26 mn total subscriber base.

Because of all these factors, the service fees finally reduced and the call costs were cut greatly enabling every common middle-class family in India to afford a cell phone. Phones without valid IMEI cannot be connected to cellular operators. Most of the times, the ancillary service is extended at an additional charge.

VAS TOP 10: #1 OnMobile: Worthy Pioneer

OnMobile services are available to more than mn telecom subscribers in India. We have an opportunity to ensure a different ending in the mobile space.What Ails VAS in India?

Latent Markets and Market Failures IAMAI. What Ails VAS in India? Latent Markets and Market Failures“ Sumita Kale Laveesh Bhandari Indicus Analytics. Mobile VAS – Indicus-IAMAI Draft: April 16, Table of Contents Section 1: Background 1 Section 2: Introduction – The Disruptive Power of MVAS 2 his incisive.

VAS spurs mobile subscribers to increasingly use their mobile device in order to allow operator to pull up their average revenue per user.

Cost While the value added services are something extra offered to the customer either at a nominal extra charge or at no additional charge. In Marchthe total GSM and the mobile telecommunications system in India is the second largest in the world and it was thrown open to private players in the s.

GSM was comfortably maintaining its position as the dominant mobile technology with 80% of the mobile subscriber market, but CDMA seemed to have stabilised its market share. 1 Growing Mobile Data and Value-Added Services in India | Adoption and Orphans Information // Dec 8, at am Continued here: Growing Mobile Data and Value-Added Services in India [ ] 2 Nadeem // Dec 8, at am.

The Demand for Mobile Value-Added Services Study of Smart Messaging Market Study. MARKET STUDY Contents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1 INTRODUCTION 2 CONDUCTING THE MARKET STUDY 2 THE RESULTS OF THE MARKET STUDY 2 General overlook of potential users of VAS 2 Characteristics of the mobile VAS.

OnMobile became the first Indian telecom VAS company to go public when it was listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India on February 19,

Mobile vas in india august 2008
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