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In this respect, it is necessary to underline that one of the basic missions of the company was to gain a possibly larger share of the market. In this respect, it is worthy of mention that inan advertisement about Lebron James beating cartoon martial arts masters in basketball offended Chinese authorities, who called the ad blasphemous and insulting to national dignity and was totally banned in China.

Finally, the promotion and advertising campaign was not always so successful as it probably seems to be. Vital to have innovative employees.

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In actuality, it s obvious that Nike was initially in a privileged position since originally the company did not have any rivals in its segment of the market.

Demographic segmentation in Nike is based on occupation, age and a gender; Psychographic segmentation focus on interests, lifestyle and values; Behavioral segmentation focus at brand loyalty, the intended use of the products and services and the beneficiary of the products and services Strasser, Each different group is supplied with diverse packages that are re-shaped in accordance with the diversity of the target group.

However, there were also certain drawbacks such as inability to fully use initially dominant position and appearance of competitors such as Reebok and Adidas. Furthermore, the advertising campaign was not always successful and sometimes led to conflicts with local authorities as it was in the case of China.

However, the company, being steady progressing during ss, faced a perspective of a serious crisis in the late s-early s. However, in the course of time it became obvious that the national market is insufficient for the company and it needed entering foreign market.

In such a way, the company attempted to create the image of its products as if these were products destined to the best sportsmen but accessible to average people, even though they are far from sport or sport achievements.

This environment is fairly stable although terrorism and Sars has affected consumer confidence and supply networks. In this respect, it is necessary to remind that one of its major competitors was Reebok which currently has a merchandising contract with the National Football League and the National Hockey League in the US.

Nike Factory Violated Worker Laws. The Nike Spirit in the Corporate World. In fact, nowadays practically all products of the company are manufactured in Asian countries, such as South Korea, Taiwan, China, Indonesia and Thailand.

Since the first years of its existence Nike used the popularity of sportsmen to promote its products and nowadays, the company has contracts with sportsmen from different countries which are known practically in all countries of the world, including Michael Vick, Lleyton Hewitt, Roger Federer, the Brazilian national soccer team, English Premier League soccer team Manchester United, and many others 6.

Market segmentation has made Nike more effective in meeting the exact needs of the target market.

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Since its foundation the company was characterized by the rapid growth and development. Look at tools of analysis e.

Paradoxically, but the dominance and the lack of competition was probably one of the major reasons for the failure of Nike at this point. The Factors that Led to Success and Failure of Nike in its Venture across International Markets Nike is considered to be one of the largest American suppliers of athletic shoes, apparel, and sports equipment.Company Ethics: Nike Inc.

in Cooperation with its suppliers Many global companies like Nike, Inc. are seen as role models both in the market place as well as in society in large.

That is why they are expected to act responsibly in their dealings with humanity and the. Nike's primary target audience for its products is athletes.

In a recent business overview, Nike lists serving athletes as one of its key goals for innovation. According to the company's business overview, Nike brands each have distinct target audiences.

The main Nike brand is most targeted towards. Free Essays words ( pages) Brand Positioning in the Target Market: The Nike’s effective Marketing Mix Program supports the brand positioning in the target market.

The Nike 4P’s elements as shown in the architectural diagram, distinguishes it from its rival competitors. Its Products is basically designed for sporting events. Market Segmentation Most of the consumers of Nike’s products are mainly sportsmen.

This is so because of the utility that comes with the products. An athlete is more likely to go a sports shoe designed and marketed by Nike more than a person who detests sporting and exercises.5/5(3). A DESCRIPTION OF THE TARGET MARKET FOR NIKE Name Institution Instructor Date Target Market Analysis NIKE has for several years remained a leader in the fashion and sports equipment industry.

Brand Positioning in the Target Market: The Nike’s effective Marketing Mix Program supports the brand positioning in the target market. The Nike 4P’s elements as shown in the architectural diagram, distinguishes it from its rival competitors.

Nike target market essays
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