Project on airport sustainability

These changes are happening thanks to companies and businesses located right here in Florida. Collaborative safety initiatives include risk management, public safety, airfield safety, wildlife management and many other programs.

The energy efficiency upgrades improved the comfort, safety and aesthetics of the airport and included: Great effort was taken to make the Guidebook Project on airport sustainability flexible and customizable as possible.

In addition, DFW partners with airlines and the FAA to deploy zero-emission ground service equipment and to implement more efficient air traffic technologies and procedures. The Consolidated Rent-A-Car Facility will be designed with sustainability in mind and include features such as electric car charging stations, solar panels, increased energy efficiency, advanced storm water treatment, and sustainable landscaping.

Setting the Stage 3. As this planning process develops, sustainability criteria will be used to evaluate and develop future alternatives for growth. Fewer kinds of lighting systems mean fewer parts and pieces to keep Project on airport sustainability of and store.

The project enhancements included: A pair of steam generators captures and reuses the heat exhaust from the combustion for heating. There are several other ways in which you may provide input on the categories that could be addressed during environmental review, including four in-person public scoping open houses.

Airspace and financial components are tightly constrained and need further review. Open houses, public meetings, email newsletters, mailed newsletters, and community presentations make it easy for the public to learn more, provide input, and ask questions.

Implementation and Performance Monitoring Together, these sections detail the most current information on sustainability planning and provide step-by-step guidance on successfully developing a sustainability plan.

And, with more efficient air conditioning systems and air cooling systems, travelers stay cool while using less energy. More jobs for our community.

Careers Responsibility DFW takes its responsibility to the planet seriously. The facility will also accommodate the use of recycled water for irrigation and car washing.

To accomplish this, the Guidebook was developed using four distinct sections: Using less water is good for all of us. Retrofit more than 23, lighting fixtures which resulted in improved light levels Replaced more than 5, Mercury Vapor fixtures, which can no longer be used per EPActwith T5 fluorescent and metal halide lights Increased levels increased on average by 1.

Sustainability Sea-Tac is the first large hub airport in the U. Sustainability Practices Environmental Management System EMS Environmental management systems are used by organizations around the world to integrate environmental considerations into day-to-day business decisions. It was the goal of FDOT to assist airports and their related staff to develop financial strategies geared at a broad range of topics affecting an airport and its overall sustainability.

What is 28 million gallons? Diversity - An inclusive environment creates an atmosphere where the contributions of individuals of different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives are recognized and valued.

The Board is committed to the continued development of environmental policies and programs that exceed required levels of compliance by optimizing the use of Airport resources.

The Airport is proud of the recycling, reuse and reduction efforts of our employees and business partners and continues to look for new and innovative ways to expand the programs and make them more accessible. Through this evaluation, the following energy conservation and equipment upgrades were recommended and implemented: In areas like baggage claim, this improvement is critical and has resulted in faster baggage pickup for travelers and a better overall airport experience.

Decommissioning of 6,ton chiller and installation of a 4,ton chiller in new chiller plant The decommissioning of the west central chiller plant, which included five 1,ton chillers, five 1, ton cooling towers, five 40 HP chiller pumps, five HP condenser water pumps and four primary Project on airport sustainability water pumps This was done with the intent of providing a resource for ALL Florida airports, not just airports that can afford to fund an entire stand-alone sustainability plan.

DFW continues to expand its recycling programs and excavated soil, concrete debris and roof insulation all have been reused in major construction projects reducing the amount of waste disposal and new materials required.

So far more than jobs have been created and as the project continues, this number will only grow. And more efficient bulbs mean maintenance might not have to replace a single light bulb for 10 years.

The proposed project would update the Northside Design Guidelines to bring the existing design standards up-to-date; respond to current market realities and stakeholder interests; comply with FAA requirements and regulations, including FAA grant requirements; allow for development of the project site in line with current best-practices in urban design and sustainability; and reinforce the LAX Northside buffer area between LAX and the residential neighborhoods to better serve the Westchester and Playa del Rey communities, the people of Los Angeles, and LAX.

There have been a lot of changes to help the airport use less water, like switching out front-load washers and upgrading the restroom facilities. For specific questions regarding potential environmental issues associated with a project, please contact the DFW Airport Environmental Affairs Department at Making the airport work smarter for you.

Energy efficiency is the key to our future.


The Sustainability Project at MIA is part of a large-scale energy and water conservation effort by FPL Services and the Miami-Dade Aviation Department. This project is one of the largest energy performance contracts ever undertaken in Florida and includes the.

Planning for Airport Sustainability.

2 Sustainability and Planning • Airport sustainability planning is a holistic approach to managing an airport to ensure: – E conomic viability, – O – Does the project meet the Airport’s Sustainability Goals and Objectives?

DFW is committed to the principles of sustainability and assuring environmental compliance Airport-wide in furtherance of DFW’s declared environmental policy of fostering sustainable economic growth and development.

45 rows · Sustainability Master Plans and Airport Sustainability Plans Sustainability Master Plans fully integrate sustainability into an airport's long-range planning. A Sustainable Management Plan is a stand-alone document.

Juneau International Airport Sustainability Master Plan FAA AAL Workshop: June 1, Juneau International Airport | Sustainability Master Plan Outline Summary of project to date Vision, Mission and Focus Areas Sustainability baseline Sustainability Initiatives and goals Forecasts.

The Sustainable Airport Master Plan is the blueprint for changes at Sea-Tac Airport to meet future demand.

In addition to considering forecasted passenger and cargo demand, the master plan takes stock of current facilities, infrastructure, and operations—looking at scenarios five, 10 .

Project on airport sustainability
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