Senior thesis catalog

Adult psychopathology; evidence-based clinical practice; competency-based training; Senior thesis catalog clinical supervision. Still others pursue graduate training in psychology and related fields.

Co-Op Experiences Drexel University has long been known for its co-operative education programs, through which students mix periods of full-time, career-related employment with their studies. Pediatric neuropsychology, intervention with at-risk youth.

Human computer interaction and cognitive engineering; development of computing environments to support knowledge, workers, and high performance experts.

Psychological assessment neuropsychological, cognitive, personalitypsychiatric and neurological disorders, behavioral medicine, neurogerontology, mathematical modeling, sports psychology, psychology of genocide.

Neuropsychology and rehabilitation; technological applications for the cognitively compromised and those with acquired brain injuries. Law and psychology; mental health law. Neuropsychological and neuroanatomic correlates of intellectual and developmental disabilities; Verbal memory and language difficulties in Down syndrome and other genetic disorders; Comorbid autism spectrum disorder symptoms in youth with genetic disorders; Neuroanatomic correlates of individual differences in typical and atypical cognition Diana Robins, PhD University of Connecticut Research Program Leader, Early Detection and Intervention Program, AJ Drexel Autism Institute.

Assessment and treatment of anxiety disorders; acceptance and mindfulness-based psychotherapies; the role of empiricism in clinical psychology; evidence-based practice in behavioral health.

Clinical neuropsychology and medical psychology; memory and practical applications for memory disorders in the elderly; cognitive health of women.

Prevention and treatment of eating disorders and obesity; effects of appetitive responsiveness and dietary restraint on eating regulation; psychobiology of obesity-proneness; empirical foundations of unconscious processes.

Pacifico Professor of Neuropsychology and the Director of Athletics. Authentic teaching methods in Psychology as well as student persistence behavior. Neuropsychology of aging and dementia; neurocognitive correlates of goal-directed activities; behavioral and psychological symptoms associated with dementia Pamela Geller, PhD Kent State University.

The nature of the creative process and writing. Treatment and prevention of obesity and eating disorders, behavioral treatment, acceptance and commitment therapy.

Memory disorder; traumatic brain injury; auditory neglect; neuropsychological assessment; recovery and rehabilitation of brain function; functional magnetic resonance imaging.

The development of imagination in children; private speech; theory of mind and executive functioning; mental state commentary and mind minded parenting; audio verbal hallucinations. Visit the Drexel Steinbright Career Development Center page for more detailed information on co-op and post-graduate opportunities.

Specialization in the use of virtual reality VR simulation, and evaluation of the demands of driving after disability.


Forensic psychology, juvenile and adult criminality, violence risk assessment, forensic psychological assessment, treatment of mentally disordered offenders, academic-sports mentoring. Psychopathy, forensic mental health assessment, drug policy; offender diversion.

Students build skills and knowledge that provide a foundation for advanced study, create opportunities for future growth, and can be used to improve the quality of life for others.

Spatial and episodic memory, memory loss across the lifespan, developmental psychology.

Senior Thesis 1

Program Evaluation in healthcare, supportive housing, and government-based social services; Design of performance metrics for quality assessment and clinical outcomes;Implementing Systems and Change Leadership to sustain Compliance with Regulatory Bodies.

The application of advanced neuroimaging to the study of human brain function and anatomy. Cognitive neuroscience, especially creativity, problem solving, and cognitive enhancement. Forensic psychology; juvenile justice; Miranda rights comprehension; false confessions; juvenile justice treatment outcome research; anger management intervention development; child and adolescent behavior problems.

Behavioral medicine applications of problem-solving therapy and other cognitive-behavior therapies e. Child development, problem-solving interventions with children, prevention programs.

Clinical Neuropsychology and rehabilitation following neurological compromise brain injury, stroke, multiple sclerosisapplication of technologies in psychology. Other graduates go on to professional schools in law, business, medicine, and other health professions.

Learning and decision-making under uncertainty; visual memory and perceptual expertise; sensorimotor control and motor learning; computational models of cognition.Senior Thesis (THES) The culmination of a student’s work at Gutenberg College is the senior thesis.

Each student is required to write a senior thesis comparing the ideas of two or more authors on a particular issue of the student’s choosing. The titles of selected Anthropology senior theses listed below illustrate the breadth of research and topics chosen by our majors.

Recipients of senior thesis prizes are also indicated within parentheses after the author's name and class print denotes a first prize or co-winner. Catalogs & Databases; Catalog of Princeton University Senior Theses Princeton University network connected patrons may view most Senior Thesis Searching and Ordering Tips, see the LibGuide: How to Search, Request to View, and Order Princeton University Senior Theses.

Locations. Firestone Library. One. In this senior course level, students develop their final year Thesis 2 project based upon a previously approved topic proposed in Thesis 1. Emphasis is placed on the students’ ability to translate their cumulative knowledge into effective visual communication.

Students will develop a competence in cross media design processes and understand. Princeton University Undergraduate Senior Theses, See our Senior Thesis LibGuide for helfpul information on searching and accessing Senior Theses. The policies and regulations contained in this online University of Mississippi Catalog are in effect for the current or selected semester.

The catalog is not a contract, but rather a guide for the convenience of students.

Senior thesis catalog
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