Study to investigate the customer loyalty

However, in long terms, they should know that improvements in these two dimensions requires strong support by knowledge management, information technology and appropriate organizational structures. Managing health care quality in Ghana: In this regard, Hussain et al.

Inpatient satisfaction at tertiary care public hospitals of a metropolitan city of Pakistan. Paazine V, Adjei M. Limitations The lack of a hospital in which the CRM has been completely implemented is a limitation of this study, so that each hospital had taken steps in achieving the CRM, so inpatient wards in participating hospitals were selected for the setting of the study.

Iranian Journal of Public Health. Galbreath J, Rogers T. Study of relationship between the organizational structure and market orientation from the viewpoint of nurse managers. Internet and information technology use in treatment of diabetes. The assessment of the correlation between the CRM components with each other and with CRM also indicates that there is also a significant relationship between all these components.

Also, Kaufman in a report on the impact of internet and information technology on diabetes treatment stated that they can be applied as effective tools for better treatment of more number of patients Kaufman, This is while the dimensions of organizational indicators and the service-providing process showed the highest correlation with CRM 90 percent and the dimension of human resources showed the lowest correlation with CRM 86 percent.

Does patient satisfaction affect patient loyalty? Critical factors of hospital adoption on CRM system: G, Rashidian A, Forushani A.

Quality management and the Emergency Services Enhancement Program. What makes for CRM system success—Or failure? International Journal of Business and Social Science.

This issue indicates that the perception among patients in various groups in the studied population is nearly the same. It can therefore be concluded that in order to implement CRM, firstly managers should focus on human resources and service-providing processes.

Customer relationship management research A leadership and motivation model for the twenty-first century business.

References Adeleke A, Aminu S. The cause should be sought in objectives and functions of these three components in hospitals. Understanding success and failure in customer relationship management. Health care Informatics Research. In a study on success factors in customer relationship management in hospitals conducted by Hung et al.

Choi W, Rho M. Organizational and information system perspectives. International Journal of Quality Reliability Management. The results of this study are also consistent with those of the current study. However, there is a statistically significant and positive relationship between loyalty and the dimensions of the service-providing process, human resources and the CRM.

Ayimbillah Atinga et al. Research and study on performance analysis of hospital CRM system and its improvement. However, the areas of organizational indicators, information technology and knowledge management are not observable and understandable for patients.

J Educ Health Promot. These three components can be considered as factors supporting and strengthening two components HR, SP. European Journal of Marketing.Case Studies in Successful Customer Loyalty How Dealerships Are Bringing Them Back Again and Again With Mike Gorun, Managing Partner/Founder of MediaTrac.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with its various components has been considered as a tool causing customers’ loyalty. The present study aims to investigate the relationship between the various components of customer relationship management and patients’ loyalty to the place of their.

Abstract: The purpose of the study was investigate the effect of technological innovations on customer loyalty among commercial banks in Eldoret town, Uasin Gishu County. The study objectives were to determine the.

The goal of this study is to obtain a deep understanding of the impact of customer loyalty programs on customer retention.

This study was applied to Jordanian customers. The purpose of this study was to investigate the impact of the in-flight service quality on airline customer satisfaction and loyalty. This study analyzed the data from passengers of two classes: prestige (business) and economy.

The Relationship Between the Customer Relationship Management and Patients’ Loyalty to Hospitals

The results suggest that there are different factors of in-flight. Abstract: The purpose of this study, conducted an empirical study in the field of marketing in order to investigate the relationship between brand equity, brand loyalty and customer satisfaction in Refah stores in which Nam and colleagues model () have been used.

Study to investigate the customer loyalty
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