The scarlet letter chapter 20 24 questions and answers

She performs numerous acts of charity, but does so in isolation, receiving condemnation from the very souls she helps. She takes off her cap and lets down her full, rich, luxuriant hair. Dimmesdale, however, speaks literal truth.

Now Hester wants Dimmesdale to know Pearl.

The Scarlet Letter Chapters 20-22 Questions and Answers

The Scarlet Letter Study Guide: The townspeople regard it as an object of scorn. The rosebush - The narrator provides several possible interpretations for the rosebush: That Pearl advances "slowly; for she saw the clergyman" does not bode well for the reunited lovers.

Roger Chillingworth violates "the sanctity of a human heart," the worst sin of them all. Dimmesdale relies on her to redeem him and believes she can provide the mercy and forgiveness he has not felt at the hands of God.

The Scarlet Letter Chapters 22-24 Questions and Answers

Nature shows its support for her actions as the sunshine follows her. The townspeople believe it means angel in honor of Governor Winthrop who had died. He is reluctant at first, but she assures him Pearl will love him.

Taking off the scarlet letter, Hester seems to release them both from an earthly prison. While the The scarlet letter chapter 20 24 questions and answers slowly comes toward them, all of nature seems to tag along as her playmate and kindred spirit.

Pearl, in addition, is considered the embodiment of the letter, a constant agitator to Hester initially, and in the conclusion her benefactress who sends her gifts. Dimmesdale is sorely tempted by the idea of fleeing.

She is so closely linked with nature that here, in the forest, the sunlight plays with her, and forest creatures a partridge, a squirrel, a fox, and a wolf approach her and recognize "a kindred wildness in the human child. It is eventually looked on as a symbol of strength.

Verbal Irony - Dimmesdale refers to himself as the worst of sinners during his sermons. How does Hester change as the novel progresses?

The letter along with her daughter help her bridle her passions and emotions to the point where she becomes hardened. Other than adultery, what is the major sin committed by each of the three main characters?

Nature reflects on her passionate action by allowing sunshine to burst forth. By removing the symbols of Puritan law the scarlet letter and Puritan society the formal cap that confined her hairHester is transformed from the dull, drab, gray "fallen woman" into the passionate, voluptuous human who follows natural law and expresses her love for Dimmesdale.

At first it means adultery. Situational Irony - The scarlet letter was meant as a punishment and an object of scorn. Dramatic Irony - By the middle of the novel, we all know Dimmesdale is guilty of adultery.

Because the Puritans believe that God allows redemption only for the elect and that salvation is attained solely through faith and the gift of divine grace, Dimmesdale rationalizes that he is a doomed soul and is momentarily attracted to "the solace allowed to the condemned culprit before his execution.

Individual experience plays a major role in the interpretation of symbols. He reasons that if he is doomed irrevocably, why not be allowed the solace of a "condemned culprit before his execution? Glossary effluence a flowing forth or outward.

As the novel begins, Hester is scared and an object of public scorn. Hester regards it as a constant reminder of her sin. The congregation believes it to be a sign of humility. Its meaning then becomes indefinite.

Over time, however, it becomes a badge of honor. But there is one last hurdle to cross: Practice Questions and Answers written by:Scarlet Letter Question Answers. A collection of answers for the Scarlet Letter Study Guide. Answers were obtained from a summer reading project for 11th Grade AP Engligh.

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Why does she insist that Hester put the scarlet letter on again? Why does she reject Dimmesdale’s kiss? Pearl cannot imagine Hester without the scarlet letter, and is connected to it. To Pearl, the letter symbolizes her, so when it is removed she feels that Hester won’t love her as much.

The scarlet letter chapter 20 24 questions and answers
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