Thesis of night and fog

Why add these conflicting images? This was the most confusing part of Night and Fog for me.

Night and Fog: The Holocaust in Film

Resnais filmed color footage of the empty, overgrown concentration camps with historical black and white images really captured by attention and made me completely believe everything that was said and occurred in the Holocaust because of the actual footage, the faces of millions who have died, and the insane pictures of the pain and suffering that they went through.

Night and Fog uses many techniques to aid in the narration of what happened in the concentration camps, to add impact and express ideas that cannot necessarily be verbalized.

I came to a conclusion that the music showed how the people expected the camps to be, but the pictures showed the reality. We tend to only remember the important situation in our lives.

The scale of the violence is shown through the casual litter of bodies found by liberating forces and in the way they were disposed of, almost as if they were sacks of garbage.

It took everything that we knew about pre WWII and corrected it, so that we knew the truth about how the people of Germany felt, and what they saw in those exact moments. There was no sugar coating to make it appear better than it was.

Yet we shut out the importance of our own history and pretend it never happened. We live today in our present environment in a world filled with color. At the same time, today, people are often ignorant of the full scale of the tragedy that had occurred during World War II. This might just be for shock value, but it might also be meant to remind the viewer of the images of living, happy people shown in the entry visa photos, before their lives were altered by being in the concentration camps.

Al though the Jewish people were massacred I learned that we must always keep a sense of hope in order to assure our own survival.

Essay on Night and Fog

However I did like the theme of this movie. I say OUR history be cause we all are human beings on this earth. Another example is the scene showing the latrine. The same pathways which were filled with the blood of the victims were now all buried under the ground.

As I mentioned in class different instruments helped create different moods for different scenes in the movie. They remind the viewer that there is no description or picture that can reveal the true horror of the Holocaust.


The color represented the present and the black and white represented the past. In such a context, minorities, i. I got two different meanings from this. Share in social networks. This is done in a way that contrasts the almost pastoral scenes of the period of filming with the reality of what happened in those places in the past.

I loved the way the switched from color to black and white. A comparison of the films present two very different views of what Hitler deemed necessary for Germany.Significance of Fog in Long Day's Journey into Night Eugene by O'Neill Words | 7 Pages.

Long Days Journey: The Significance of Fog (8) A Long Day’s Journey Into Night, by Eugene O’Neill, is a deeply autobiographical play. His life was rampant with confusion and addictions in his family. Night and Fog This Essay Night and Fog and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • November 9, • Essay • Words (3 Pages) • Views.

Related Documents: Essay on Analysis of 'Night and Fog' Night Essay Brittany Greenbaum Night Summary/Analysis 1/17/13 Night is a memoire written by Eliezer Wiesel about his personal encounters as a Jewish teenager during the Holocaust.

“Triumph of the Will” and “Night and Fog,” portray Hitler’s vision for Germany, and the findings of Allied liberators of concentration camps in the beginning of World War II. A comparison of the films present two very different views of what Hitler deemed necessary for Germany.

They each displayed propaganda in a way they’re eye-catching [ ]. In actuality, “Night and Fog” is the documentary which reveals the cruelty of Holocaust and the policy of genocide conducted by the Nazi during World War II.

It is important to lay emphasis on the fact that the film focuses on the problem of the rapid slip of Nazi Germany toward radicalism.

“Night and Fog” or “Triumph of the Will” Write a two-page argumentative essay explaining why one film (either “ and Fog” or “Triumph of the Will”) was the more effective piece of propaganda.

Thesis of night and fog
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