Value chain analysis of fast food

To gain a differentiation advantage: Take the steps outlined above and apply the same methodology to your company. One of their main objectives is to provide superior levels of customer service. This step is difficult, as it requires a strong knowledge of an organizations value chain, and often the value chain activities are not organized in the same way as the company is.

Are you competing on a cost basis, or are you targeting a differentiation strategy?

Large companies have advantages in purchasing, finance, and marketing whereas small companies can compete effectively by offering superior food or service. Consumers are still looking for the convenience of eating out, but are drawn to the low prices of fast-food over table-service restaurants.

This convenience is what sets them apart from many other competing options for meals, like going out to dinner or preparing a meal at home yourself, and they use a strong campaign and marketing focus to entice customers to use them over similar competitors in the fast food delivery industry.

They capitalize on economies of scale, and use massive global purchase orders to source the best prices on raw products for their restaurants.

Taste is the most important factor when it comes to restaurant experiences according to 94 percent of U. To gain a cost advantage: To keep the costs down staff are typically junior, and unskilled. Performing a Value Chain Analysis There are typically two types of competitive advantage that are striven for, cost and differentiation.

Different countries set varying regulations regarding labeling and packaging. Based on these activities, Pizza Hut is leading the market in producing pizza that is both affordable, and can be delivered to your door in under 30 minutes in most cities.

Inthe company generated close to 36 billion U. The process they have created to have unskilled chefs cooking the pizza is their biggest asset.

If your business is in the tech industry, or primarily online, you can still create value for customers, this course offers a great insight in how to identify your internet value chain. Many fast-food chains have capitalized upon the recession by introducing new deals in addition to their already low-priced menus.

Most valuable fast food brands worldwide in 2018

The right combination will give you a sustainable differentiation advantage. Fast food firms must comply with country-specific political requirements, such as national minimum wage regulationsaffecting costs. For instance the US government pressured firms to promote healthy eating, and as a result several fast food companies voluntarily included calorie information on their products.

There are a wide range of training programs available for staff, who are considered to be one of Starbucks most important resources.

The normal process is Starbucks selling their products in store without any intermediaries. That said, nearly 83 percent of U.

Identify opportunities where you are able to reduce costs. The entire goal of Pizza Hut is to offer value to their customers in affordable and convenient pizza that everyone can enjoy.

Again, this includes every other activity that is required to keep the stores in business, such as finance, legal, etc. Starbucks Primary activities Inbound logistics: The purchasing and activities required to produce the pizza, the raw food, and all of the buildings, and equipment needed to cook and deliver the pizzas.

Despite the recession and the resulting decrease in consumer confidence across the globe, average consumer fast-food spending has increased due to convenience and low-cost.Value Chain Analysis of Fast Food in India.

To analyse the value chain of the fast food industry, we chose the market leaders in this segment in India, viz. McDonalds, KFC, Dominos, Pizza Hut and Subways.

Value Chain Analysis: Example Case Studies to Get You Started

1 Survey Methodology The data was collected by individually interviewing the customers visiting these joints. We visited the following. Transcript of Value Chain Analysis for Pizza Hut Pizza Hut is one of the best wide spread international fast food chains. They offer different styles of pizza as.

McDonald’s Value Chain Analysis Jeovani Zamarripa, Alicia Wylie, y Jason Flores, Conor Mullarkey Mission Statement “McDonald's McDonald s brand mission is to "be be our customers' favorite place and way p to eat." Our worldwide operations have been aligned around a global strategy called the.

restaurants, fast food companies Importers, exporters brokers, wholesalers value-chain analysis can be used to assess why foods are or Box 1 — Value Chains for Nutrition: Examples in Action Value-chain approaches have not to date been applied in the field of. McDonalds Value Chain Analysis Posted on February 16, by John Dudovskiy Value chain analysis is an analytical framework that assists in identifying business activities that can create value and competitive advantage to the business.

Pizza Hut value chain analysis 1. UCVC Assignment -1 Value ChainofPizza Hut Submitted by: ShubhamSinghal 2. ShubhamSinghal Pizza Hut Pizza Hut is one of the best wide spread international fast food joint.

Value chain analysis of fast food
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