What cause terrorism in africa essay

For some of us who have not seen the effects of terrorism firsthand, its effects may have not hit home yet. These are the most dangerous terrorists, far more than any of the foot soldiers who carry out the actual attack. It plays into the hands of extremists, since it fights against terrorists by military rather than political means.

A number of interrelated problems of economic and political character provide tremendous opportunities for expanding the activities of international terrorist organizations. A terrorist organization moves into an area with poor government or that is conflict ridden he uses Al Qaeda specificallythen uses this safe haven to spread their ideologies to other areas and as a base to carry out violent acts.

Unfortunately the only real way to mitigate this is through economic development of the community, country, and region, but that takes time. Is this "democracy" at play?

After this incident the president of U. Particularly favorable conditions for the development of such structures exist in collapsed states, for example Somalia. The main function of the terrorism is to produce a great disturbance in the social and political system of a country.

There is no alternative to this. Growing sentiments of discrimination can lead groups to look to more conservative, and eventually, extremist ideologies. Due to the violent actions of terrorism, many innocent people are killed and lot of public and private property is destroyed or damaged. There is evidence for and against every reason on this list however, more often than not, it is a combination of several that lead to terrorism.

These groups are subjected to discriminatory social policies, such as the headscarf law in France, that then cause them to become radicalized. On the basis of terrorism any government can easily be kicked out.

As with any business, the business of terrorism needs funds and this is by far the best way for fanatics to obtain funds; others being collecting ransom money, drug money, etc. This causes alienated individuals to seek out communities with cultures like their home countries or others like themselves.

The cell included a number of expatriate Muslims studying in Germany who sought out other conservative Muslims to band together when they felt homesick in a Western society that was alien to them. The destruction of World Trade Tower on 11th, September was a great incident of terrorism.

Activity of such organizations such as AIAI is facilitated by the economic crisis, political instability, the presence of separatist movements in the region. One of the most popular explanations is that poverty breeds terrorism.The Root Causes Of Terrorism. Print Reference this is this strategy of intimidation coupled with aid addressing the root cause of the problem?

Terrorism is one of the gravest challenges faced by the world today. If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then.

Essay about Terrorism Threats to the African Continent ; East Africa is another epicenter of terrorism on African continent.

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Black money is the main root cause of terrorism because terrorists can do nothing without money, so the government.

What’s The Real Root Cause Of Terrorism: Poverty Or Anger? Beenish Ahmed Feb 19, a three-day event on combating terrorism.

One of the topics being discussed is how aid can best be used to. For decades, countries of East, North and West Africa have been experiencing several heinous terrorist attacks that resulted into deaths of hundreds of people.

- Research Essay: Can Terrorism Ever Be Justified. it believes that violent extremists are the leading cause of terrorism, it has ways that the international community should.

What cause terrorism in africa essay
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